Be Careful What You Pray For…


The Northwoods of Minnesota boasts that it is the “The Home of Bigfoot.” However, in Diana Warden’s lonely world, there is nothing worse than the monsters she deals with every day in the junior high hallways and the ghosts of memories that haunt her of her brother’s mysterious accident.


Diana treks into the forest behind her home and a gargantuan boy intervenes to save her from a mountain lion attack. He is seriously injured and refuses to allow Diana to call for help, as he would rather die than reveal himself to the “Littlefoots.” Diana races against the clock to save her new “Bigfoot” friend, as he reveals the many layers of secrets surrounding his people and an interwoven history that Diana didn’t even know they shared.


Diana prayed for a friend to be the hands and feet of Jesus, and God sent her a Bigfoot. She didn’t believe these urband legends existed, but Diana will soon learn they don’t make exceptions.




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Christian Young Adult Fantasy

99,000 Words

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